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Climbing Kilimanjaro at Full Moon

Summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro at night usually requires to carry a headlamp or a flashlight. Not so when you are climbing the mountain in the strong moonlight of a full moon – if you are lucky it will be a cloudless, crystall clear night on the top of Africa! This is pure magic! Witnessing the amazing event of a full moon over the highest mountain in Africa definetely requires some good timing as you will have to book your flight to arrive on time, choose the righ Climbing Route and proceed to summit around the full moon night – seems difficult?
We agree it is not easy – but you can do it!

Please check our moon calendar or check the Full Moon Group Climbs that we prepared specifically for you. This can contribute to make your summit night even more unforgettable! Please note that even though every effort is made to give you the accurate full moon dates – we can not guarantee a 100% confirmed full moon. Please use these dates as a first idea and contact us for further details. We will be happy to assist you to make it to Uhuru Peak under the full moon. You should start considering a Full Moon climb and contact us at least 3 month prior to your climb to make sure that we can arrange everything!

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