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Ol Doinyo Lengai / Tagestour

Besuchen Sie Mt. Ol Doinyo Lengai als Tagesausflug vom Lake Natron oder vom Ngorongoro-Krater aus, um den heiligen Berg der Massai zu sehen

Ol Donyo Lengai

Dieser aktive Vulkan wurde vom lokalen Massai-Stamm „Berg Gottes“ genannt, nachdem sie einen Ausbruch miterlebt hatten, dessen letzter Ausbruch im Jahr 2008 stattfand. Er wird vom Massai-Stamm als göttlich angesehen und sie gehen zu diesem Berg, um für Regen zu beten, Kinder usw. Die Lava von Ol Doinyo Lengai ist einzigartig im Vergleich zu anderen Vulkanen. Aufgrund dieser ungewöhnlichen Zusammensetzung bricht die Lava bei relativ niedrigen Temperaturen von etwa 510 °C aus und ist die am schnellsten fließende Lava, die je aufgezeichnet wurde. Die Temperatur ist so niedrig, dass die geschmolzene Lava im Sonnenlicht schwarz erscheint, anstatt das rote Leuchten zu haben, das den meisten Lavaarten gemeinsam ist. Diese Lava ist anfällig für schnelle Abnutzung, sie verfärbt sich schnell von schwarz zu grau, was zu einer einzigartigen Landschaft führt.

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Ol Doinyo Lengai

This active volcano was named the mountain of God’ by the local Maasai tribe, after they witnessed an eruption, its last eruption happened in 2008. It is regarded as divine by the Maasai tribe and they go to this mountain to pray for rain, children etc. The lava of Ol Doinyo Lengai is unique compared to other volcanoes. Due to this unusual composition, the lava erupts at relatively low temperatures of approximately 510 °C and is the fastest flowing lava recorded. The temperature is so low that the molten lava appears black in sunlight, rather than having the red glow common to most lavas. This lava is susceptible to rapid wearing out , it quickly turns from black to gray in color resulting in a unique landscape.

The trip starts with a drive through the plains of the savannah. Massive flat lands filled with beautiful animals grazing, among them zebras and wildebeests. You are also likely to pass by some craters which are common along the rift valley. You will arrive to a camp where you will prepare for your climb which starts before midnight. You will also be able to visit the deadly salty red lake, Lake Natron. The climb to the „Mountain of God“ starts before midnight.
Standing at almost half of the highest mountain in Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro and with an inclination of 45°, summiting this volcano is not to be underestimated. It is quite steep and with the compressed gray ashes, the climb gets even more challenging. The darkness is effective to shield climbers that have fear of heights and the view of the stars makes it more interesting. The peak is reached just in time for the sunrise. With the sight of the beautiful morning sun reflecting the skies comes the details of this cone shaped crater. The rim is about 1-2 meters slipping on both sides. It is necessary to stay focused as a slip on this „Mountain of God“ could be equally dangerous as it is mesmerizing. You are likely to spot a gazelle having a morning run.
On a clear day you can expect to see the peaks of Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro pierce through the horizon to the east. To the north you can see to the far end of Lake Natron, where its northern shores border Kenya. To the west you will be able to see over the escarpment across the Sale Plains in a view that is absolutely breathtaking!

Duration: about 7 hours

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