Do I need a Travel Insurance for climbing Kilimanjaro?

A valid Travel Insurance is required to climb Kilimanjaro!

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro without a valid Travel Insurance is not possible as there is a high risk of emergency due to Altitude Mountain Sickness or simply dangerous weather conditions. It is important to check if the insurance is valid up to 6.000 meters altitude.

Tanzania Horizon Safaris doesn not directly offer Travel Insurances but we highly recommend to all our clients to find an insurance prior your trip. We must check your travel insurance before allowing you to climb Kilimanjaro. It is for your own good to protect your investment against any cancellation, interruption, delays and unforeseeable expenses. Travel insurances usually provide coverage for:

  • Trip cancellations

  • Trip interruptions

  • Missed connection flights or transfers

  • Travel delays

  • Baggage delay and personal items lost while travelling

  • Hurricane and dangerous weather conditions

  • Medical conditions

  • Emergency medical

  • Emergency evacuation

  • Financial default

  • Terrorism / Unforseen dangers

Tanzania Horizon Safaris is collaborating with Kilimanjaro Search and Rescue (SAR), a company that specialized on emergency rescue on Kilimanjaro by helicopter. SAR is only operating if clients have a valid Travel Insurance that covers costs for emergency evacuation up to 6.000 meters. We highly recommend to get in touch with your insurance early enough but at least 14 days before starting your flight and immediately after booking your climb with us. We will ask you on arrival about your Travel Insurance. Clients who fail to proove their valid Travel Insurance cannot start climbing Kilimanjaro.

We recommend not to take the cheapest offer but instead to choose an insurance that you trust!

Here is a short list of online Travel Insurances that you might consider:

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