For more than 100 years an old railway is crossing Tanzania from Daressalaam at the India ocean to Kigoma at Lake Tanganyika. The track was built in 1891 by the German-East African Railway Company for Emperor Wilhelm II. The British took over control of the country and by that the train. Trains and wagons from India and other colonies were imported for transporting goods. For the people of Tanzania this train is much more than a way of transport. It is very safe as there is police on board. If you wish to discover Tanzania by train - here is what you have been searching for! We will assist our clients 24 hours on this trip by phone and email. There is an Express train from Dar es salaam to Kigoma that we recommend as it takes 2 days in a more modern train. A slower train will take 3 days and is also available. Please contact us for further information.

Please note:        Tickets for 1st and 2nd class must be reserved at least 1 week in advance!

Main lines in Tanzania:
                                                        Dar es salaam - Dodoma - Tabora - Kigoma
                                                        Mwanza - Tabora - Kigoma
                                                        Dar es salaam - Tanga - Moshi - Arusha (not operating a.t.m.)
Departure times:

Dar es salaam to Kigoma:           
  Thursday (Arrival Friday afternoon)
Express: 2 Days

Dar es salaam to Kigoma:               Tuesday, Friday and Sunday
Ordinary: 3 Days

Kigoma to Dar es salaam:               Thursday, Saturday

Day 1: Dar es salaam to Dodoma
In the afternoon you will start your travel from the busy central railway station in Dar es salaam. You will cross the many small houses and soon leave the city behind to explore Tanzania's beautiful countryside. The train is equipped with a board restaurant and sleeping wagons - so you can lean back and enjoy the view! The train will stop here and there so it is always possible to buy something from the many merchants serving the railway. You will have overnight in the train and reach Dodoma early in the next morning...

Day 2: Dodoma to Tabora
The countryside will change from tropical pacific the further you reach Dodoma where the area is till green but more open space. After a stop in Dodoma where you can go for a walk or restaurant you will continue to historical Tabora in the evening. Here is option for overnight in Tabora to visit the town OR to continue to Kigoma by nighttrain.

Day 3: Tabora to Kigoma
The next morning you will see the salt production around Uvinza and completely different landscape with mountains and endless forest. In morning you will finally see Lake Tanganyika and the border to Kongo before reaching your destination Kigoma. From Kigoma station we will pick you up and bring you to your hotel. Kigoma is the perfect destination to start your trip to Gombe National Park and Mahale National Park.

The traditional town Tabora became an important trading place of arab settlers. Later famous Dr. Livingstone travelled here. German railway workers built the train and made Tabora an important junction. From here it is possible to change the train to Mwanza and Victoria Lake or you can have overnight in Tabora and visit some historical sights like Dr. Liningstone museum & the market OR you continue to Kigoma at night. Leaving Tabora will change the countryside again. You will see cotton plantations, rice fields, palmtrees and rivers and finally reach the rainforest while travelling in the night.


  • Train tickets from Dar es salaam to Dodoma, Tabora, Kigoma
  • Overnight in Dodoma (if required)
  • Overnight in Tabora (if required)
  • Overnight in Kigoma
  • Transport from your Hotel to Central Railway station in Daressalaam
  • Transport to your hotel in Kigoma

Not included

  • Food and drinks
  • personal items

Connection Activisties from Kigoma