Frequently Asked Questions

December– February
This is the hot dry season.  Early February is the peak of the calving season for the wildebeest on the Serengeti Plains.

Intermittent rains start at this time. Game viewing is excellent over short new grass of the plains. Wildebeest are gathering in large numbers to the South of Serengeti National Park in the Ndutu area. Spring-like conditions are moderated by cool nights.

April - May
This is the heavier rainy season, and road conditions can become difficult. There’s great biological activity in the reserves, beautiful green landscapes and panoramas, and wildebeest densely congregating in the Serengeti.

June - October
This is the cooler dry season. Peak tourist season is July-August. Excellent viewing conditions, though many roads are dusty. Wildebeest are normally encountered in the Western and Northern Serengeti in large numbers in June and then again in mid-late October. This is an excellent time of year for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Here begin the short rains. There’s nice greening of plants, and birds begin arriving from Eurasia. Expect intermittent showers and some flash flooding. Wildebeest are migrating back into the Serengeti at this time.

Tanzania - When to go? / What is the best time to visit Tanzania?

How many people are in a group climb?

We limit our climbs to 15 people.

What routes do you offer for group climbs?

We have group climbs on the 9 day Northern Circuit, 8 day Lemosho route, 7 day Rongai route, and 7 day Machame route. We specialize in Lemosho so most of our group climbs are on this route.

What routes do you offer for private climbs?

We can arrange private climbs on 10 day Northern Circuit/Crater Camp, 9 day Lemosho/Crater Camp, 9 day Northern Circuit, 7-8 day Lemosho route, 7-8 day Shira route, 6-7 day Rongai route, 6-7 day Machame route, 6- 7 day Umbwe route, 5-6 day Marangu route, and 3-4 day Mount Meru.

What is the difference between a group climb and private climb?

With a group climb, you will be in a party of up to 15 climbers who have booked with us separately (strangers). Group climbs are scheduled for set dates on set routes. In a private climb, you will be in a party of people you specifically booked with (friends, family, etc.). Private climbs can be scheduled on any date you choose and on any route. There is no maximum number of climbers for a private climb. The service on the mountain is exactly the same.

Which routes do you recommend?

We recommend the 9 day Northern Circuit, 8 day Lemosho, and 7 day Rongai routes. These routes offer the best balance of high success rates, beautiful scenery and smaller crowds. 7 day Machame is a nice route as well, but has a lot of other climbers on it.

What is the best way to increase my chance of making it to the top, before the trip?

First and foremost, choose a longer route. 7 days should be the minimum and 8 or 9 days is even better. Next, put effort into your training and do it for at least two months, incorporating some long hikes if possible. Third, assemble the right gear for your climb. Lastly, consider using a high altitude training system to pre-acclimatize.

What is the best way to increase my chance of making it to the top, during the trip?

Avoiding altitude sickness is key. Do this by walking slowly. Drink lots of water and eat enough food. Go on all optional acclimatization hikes. Consider taking Diamox. Also prevent other illnesses by disinfecting your hands after every time you use the bathroom and before any meals

Weatherforecast Moshi / 854m:


Weatherforecast Kilimanjaro / Uhuru Peak 5.895m:


When is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro is best climbed when the weather is dry. There are two rainy seasons in Tanzania. The long rainy season is from mid-March to early June. The short rainy season is from November to early December. Therefore the best times to climb Kilimanajro are mid-December to early-March, and mid-June to end of October. 


January - March
January through March is the first dry season on Mount Kilimanjaro, making it a great time for trekking. This time of the year is usually colder than June-October trekking season and there is a much higher possibility of snow on the upper reaches.

April - May
April and May are usually rainy and not ideal for trekking. Even though some people might enjoy the less frequented climbs.

June - October
June to October are the most frequented months of the year. That is because of the ideal trekking weather and the holidays in Europe and USA. Rain and snowfall is very rare.

November - December
November is usually a short rainy month for the southern routes of Kilimanjaro. December is one of the coldest months with strong winds from the north.


If I climb during the dry season, do I need rain gear?

Definitely. It can rain and snow all year round. The base of the mountain is in the rainforest. A quality waterproof jacket and pants is an absolute must.

How cold does it get on the mountain?

In general, expect to sleep in temperatures as low as 20F (-6° Celsius) and to summit in temperatures as low as -20F (-28° Celsius). It can be even colder. Be prepared.

What kind of food is prepared on the mountain?

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, which consist of western standard meals: Soups, Porrage, Vegetables, Ginger Tea, Coffee, Water. All food is prepared fresh and bought on a local market in Moshi. Our guides and cookes provide high quality meals according to the requirements of each trek and in order to prepare you as best as possible for your climb.

What safety measures are taken by the staff?

Our guides are highly experienced to manage altitude sickness, which is the biggest obstacle on the mountain. They are certified Wilderness First Responders. They conduct twice daily health checks to measure your oxygen saturation and pulse. A rescue plan is in place in the event of an emergency. Bottled oxygen, a portable stretcher, and a first aid kit is carried on every climb.

What do I need to enter Tanzania?

You will need a passport that is valid for at least six more months. You will also need a flight card which you will receive on the plane. Finally you need a Tanzanian visa. 

Where do I fly into?

Our climbs begin and end in Moshi. Moshi is about 25 miles from Kilimanjaro National Airport (JRO). You should fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport and we can arrange for pick up.

Will I see the Great Migration? Can I follow it? What about the river crossing?

Of course wild animals move at their own will, and the wildebeest of the Great Migration move in accordance with the rains, which of course cannot be predicted (or only guessed to a certain extent).
You should be aware that the migration, whilst a wonder of the world and a spectacular sight for anyone lucky enough to witness it, is a much more static affair than many people realize. It is not possible to “follow” the herds, driving along with them, or even booking lodges, tented camps or campsites wherever they happen to be at any given moment. Of course all accommodation must be booked in advance and so this is not possible.
The famous river crossing is notoriously difficult to predict. It takes 1-2 weeks for the wildebeest to cross, and this can take place any time within a period of about 6-8 weeks. If it is very important to you to try, to maximize your chances of seeing this, we always advise to book for July, and stay as far north as possible in the Serengeti (where, at this time, only top-end luxury tented camps are located).
The most important thing to remember is that game viewing in Tanzania is truly excellent all year round. Even if you are not there for the migration there are resident herds all year round. Wildlife drama can, and does, take place all year round in Tanzania.

Will I see the Big Five?

Again, we cannot make any guarantees but you will have a good chance of seeing the Big 5 at any time of year in Tanzania (of course depending on the national parks you visit).
Elephant and buffalo can be found in Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Arusha National Parks.
Lion are found in Lake Manyara (very difficult to find), Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti.
Leopard are found in Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti.
Black Rhino are found in Serengeti (very, very, very difficult to find here) and Ngorongoro (probably this is your best bet for spotting a black rhino).

What can I expect to eat and drink on safari?

Food on safari is of a very high standard and you will find a good mix of African, European and international cuisine. Fresh vegetables, seafood and meats make it an exceptional culinary experience to travel here. Excellent South African wines are in all lodges, tented camps and hotels, and make an excellent addition to a filling meal after a tiring day out in the bush! There are also plenty of very refreshing local beers to try out, as well as imported ones.
Tap water is not drinkable in most areas, and only bottled water should be consumed. Many lodges will offer complimentary bottles of drinking water, and we supply plenty of bottled water in our safari cars to be consumed during the way.

I am looking to get some really good photos – how close will I get to the animals?

Some of our happiest travellers are those that come without a camera, and simply spend their time enjoying what they see. However, most of our clients want a record of some of the fantastic sights they come across on safari.
You will get fairly close to a lot of the wildlife, however it is, of course, impossible to guarantee just how close. A good 35mm camera with a 75-300 zoom lens will help you get some great shots. Though it can get bright, you might want to be able to get some action shots and the higher speed film will be helpful. Some people also like to use 400 ASA for fast moving animals and evening shots. A flash will help for indoor or campfire shots in the evenings.
A beanbag is much more convenient than a tripod for steadying shots from your safari vehicle – we can provide beanbags to the serious photographers among you on request. All our safari vehicles have pop-up photographic roof hatches, and all windows can be opened so you can get eye-level shots, too.
Last but not least, since our programs are private, you can stop your vehicle whenever you want, for however long you want, taking photographs at leisure and without worrying about other passengers!

What to visit in Zanzibar?

Explore Stone Town, Snorkelling, Dive the Mnemba Atoll, Spice tour, Swim with Wild Dolphins, Catch the breeze, Get married, relaxing at the beaches. 

How to arrive Zanzibar?

Taking a ferry and taking a short flight are the 2 options for getting from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to the island of Zanzibar.

Is it possible to visit Gombe National park in 1 day?

Yes. From  Kigoma  town, it is possible to board the private boat to Gombe and do chimpanzee trekking for up to six hour and thereafter take boat back to Kigoma town.

Is it possible to make a roundtrip by train from Daressalaam to Kigoma and back?

Yes. For those with plenty of time, train travel offers a fine view of the countryside and local life. There are two lines: Tazara, linking Dar es Salaam with New Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia via Mbeya and Tunduma; and the Tanzania Railways Limited Central Line linking Dar es Salaam with Kigoma and Mwanza via Tabora. A Central Line branch also links Tabora with Mpanda, and Tazara runs the Udzungwa shuttle twice weekly between the Kilombero/Udzungwa area and Makambako

Should i bring some extra cash with me?

  • Yes, we suggest that you bring some spending money for drinks, snacks, souvenirs and tips.

  • Please only bring USD bills that have been printed after 2004 as earlier dated bills will not be accepted.

Do I need to get myself vaccinated and is malaria a concern?

  • We do recommend that you get a yellow fever vaccination as Tanzania finds itself in a yellow fever region.

  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Hepatitis A & B vaccinations are not required, but nevertheless recommend by us.

  • Malaria is also present and we hence suggest some precautions for this as well. Please contact a travel clinic or your health care practitioner for further information on prophylaxis and the effects and side effects that come with it.

What kind of vehicles are used?

  • We make use of reconstructed 4×4 safari vehicles (i.e. Toyota Landcruisers), that have been designed to conquer the ever demanding road conditions in East Africa. All vehicles have pop-up roofs that can be opened during game drives and a window seat is guaranteed for each guest.

Are there ablution facilities at the campsites?

  • Yes, communal ablution facilities can be found on all campsites. Most of them are very basic and hot water is few and far between.

Are tips included?

  • Tips are not included in the price and we recommend 15-20 USD per group per day for the guide and 10-15 USD per group per day for the cook.

What is the age limit for this tour?

  • Officially there is no age limit but due to the many hours that are spent in the vehicle, we don’t recommend this trip for children under the age of 6 years. However, if parents can confidently say that their children are comfortable in travelling long distances, they are of course welcome. However, parents are responsible for their children at all times.

What should I pack?

  • Upon booking you will receive a detailed packing list that will assist you in deciding what to bring.

What is my flight is late or cancelled?

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"On-Time", "city": "Mafia Island", "currentTime": "04:45 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Air Tanzania", "airlineCode": "TC", "flightNumber": "106", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Mbeya", "currentTime": "01:15 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Air Tanzania", "airlineCode": "TC", "flightNumber": "210", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Moroni", "currentTime": "10:40 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Ethiopian Airlines", "airlineCode": "ET", "flightNumber": "865", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Moroni", "currentTime": "01:25 PM" }, { "airlineName": "AB Aviation", "airlineCode": "AYD", "flightNumber": "502", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Moroni", "currentTime": "03:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "400", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Mtwara", "currentTime": "06:05 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Etihad Airways", "airlineCode": "EY", "flightNumber": "3755", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Mtwara", "currentTime": "06:05 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Air Tanzania", "airlineCode": "TC", "flightNumber": "400", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Mumbai", "currentTime": "07:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Air Tanzania", "airlineCode": "TC", "flightNumber": "110", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Mwanza", "currentTime": "06:00 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Air Tanzania", "airlineCode": "TC", "flightNumber": "100", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Mwanza", "currentTime": "06:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "492", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Mwanza", "currentTime": "01:45 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Air Tanzania", "airlineCode": "TC", "flightNumber": "122", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Mwanza", "currentTime": "02:00 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Air Tanzania", "airlineCode": "TC", "flightNumber": "102", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Mwanza", "currentTime": "07:45 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "489", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "03:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Air France", "airlineCode": "AF", "flightNumber": "8090", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "03:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Etihad Airways", "airlineCode": "EY", "flightNumber": "4046", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "03:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "KLM", "airlineCode": "KL", "flightNumber": "4183", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "03:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "4489", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "03:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "711", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "04:40 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Etihad Airways", "airlineCode": "EY", "flightNumber": "3753", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "04:40 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "6711", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "04:40 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "481", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "08:50 AM" }, { "airlineName": "China Southern Airlines", "airlineCode": "CZ", "flightNumber": "4623", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "08:50 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Etihad Airways", "airlineCode": "EY", "flightNumber": "4042", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "08:50 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "4481", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "08:50 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "483", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "10:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "KLM", "airlineCode": "KL", "flightNumber": "4239", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "10:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "4483", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "10:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Air Mauritius", "airlineCode": "MK", "flightNumber": "534", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "12:55 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "4502", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "12:55 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Air Mauritius", "airlineCode": "MK", "flightNumber": "535", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "12:55 PM" }, { "airlineName": "LAM", "airlineCode": "TM", "flightNumber": "442", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "02:05 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "4462", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "02:05 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "485", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "04:05 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Etihad Airways", "airlineCode": "EY", "flightNumber": "4054", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "04:05 PM" }, { "airlineName": "KLM", "airlineCode": "KL", "flightNumber": "4130", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "04:05 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "4485", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "04:05 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "487", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "Delayed 195 minutes", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "11:45 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Air France", "airlineCode": "AF", "flightNumber": "8054", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "Delayed 195 minutes", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "11:45 PM" }, { "airlineName": "China Southern Airlines", "airlineCode": "CZ", "flightNumber": "4625", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "Delayed 195 minutes", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "11:45 PM" }, { "airlineName": "KLM", "airlineCode": "KL", "flightNumber": "4131", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "Delayed 195 minutes", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "11:45 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "4487", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "Delayed 195 minutes", "city": "Nairobi", "currentTime": "11:45 PM" }, { "airlineName": "LAM", "airlineCode": "TM", "flightNumber": "443", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Pemba", "currentTime": "06:25 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "4463", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Pemba", "currentTime": "06:25 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Air Tanzania", "airlineCode": "TC", "flightNumber": "128", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Tabora", "currentTime": "09:20 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "131", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Tanga", "currentTime": "08:00 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Oman Air", "airlineCode": "WY", "flightNumber": "708", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "04:30 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "101", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "07:30 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "501", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "07:30 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "141", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "07:30 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Auric Air", "airlineCode": "UI*", "flightNumber": "215", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "07:30 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Auric Air", "airlineCode": "UI*", "flightNumber": "201", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "07:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "133", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "08:00 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "135", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "08:30 AM" }, { "airlineName": "ZanAir", "airlineCode": "TAN", "flightNumber": "102", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "08:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "103", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "09:00 AM" }, { "airlineName": "ZanAir", "airlineCode": "TAN", "flightNumber": "302", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "10:45 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "105", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "11:00 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Auric Air", "airlineCode": "UI*", "flightNumber": "205", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "11:00 AM" }, { "airlineName": "Auric Air", "airlineCode": "UI*", "flightNumber": "203", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "12:00 PM" }, { "airlineName": "ZanAir", "airlineCode": "TAN", "flightNumber": "104", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "12:00 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "107", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "12:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "426", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "12:40 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Etihad Airways", "airlineCode": "EY", "flightNumber": "3742", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "12:40 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Auric Air", "airlineCode": "UI*", "flightNumber": "221", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "01:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "143", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "02:00 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Auric Air", "airlineCode": "UI*", "flightNumber": "207", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "02:00 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "119", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "02:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "713", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "03:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Etihad Airways", "airlineCode": "EY", "flightNumber": "3752", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "03:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "6713", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "03:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Oman Air", "airlineCode": "WY", "flightNumber": "706", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "03:55 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "113", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "04:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "ZanAir", "airlineCode": "TAN", "flightNumber": "106", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "04:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "145", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "05:00 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Auric Air", "airlineCode": "UI*", "flightNumber": "219", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "05:10 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Auric Air", "airlineCode": "UI*", "flightNumber": "219", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "05:10 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "115", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "05:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "115", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "05:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "ZanAir", "airlineCode": "TAN", "flightNumber": "108", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "05:50 PM" }, { "airlineName": "ZanAir", "airlineCode": "TAN", "flightNumber": "108", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "05:50 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "191", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "06:00 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Coastal Aviation", "airlineCode": "CQ*", "flightNumber": "191", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "06:00 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "715", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "06:40 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Etihad Airways", "airlineCode": "EY", "flightNumber": "3751", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "06:40 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "6715", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "06:40 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Precision Air", "airlineCode": "PW", "flightNumber": "715", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "06:40 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Etihad Airways", "airlineCode": "EY", "flightNumber": "3751", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "06:40 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Kenya Airways", "airlineCode": "KQ", "flightNumber": "6715", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "06:40 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Air Tanzania", "airlineCode": "TC", "flightNumber": "124", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "07:40 PM" }, { "airlineName": "flydubai", "airlineCode": "FZ", "flightNumber": "688", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "Departed On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "07:45 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Emirates", "airlineCode": "EK", "flightNumber": "2191", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "Departed On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "07:45 PM" }, { "airlineName": "ZanAir", "airlineCode": "TAN", "flightNumber": "110", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zanzibar", "currentTime": "08:00 PM" }, { "airlineName": "SWISS", "airlineCode": "LX", "flightNumber": "294", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zurich", "currentTime": "10:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Lufthansa", "airlineCode": "LH", "flightNumber": "5889", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zurich", "currentTime": "10:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "Brussels Airlines", "airlineCode": "SN", "flightNumber": "5143", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zurich", "currentTime": "10:30 PM" }, { "airlineName": "United Airlines", "airlineCode": "UA", "flightNumber": "9764", "airlineLogoUrlPng": "", "remarks": "On-Time", "city": "Zurich", "currentTime": "10:30 PM" } ] }