The Chagga area is traditionally divided into a number of chiefdoms. They are culturally related to the Pare, Taveta, and Taita peoples. They follow a patrilineal system of descent and inheritance. Their way of life is based primarily on agriculture, using irrigation on terraced fields and oxen manure. Although bananas are their staple food, they also cultivate various crops, including yams, beans, and maize. In agricultural exports, they are best known for their Arabica coffee, which is exported to American and European markets, resulting in coffee being a primary cash crop.

In the morning, we will collect you from your hotel in Moshi and take you to Rombo, which lies in the fertile hills of Kilimanjaro where a village guide will be waiting for you and bring you first of all to the Chagga Live Museum, where you will get a deep insight in the traditional lifestyle of this agricultural society and also the family history.


Our kilimanjaro and safari tour guide will then lead you through the coffee and banana plantations. On the way, he will tell you and point out the fauna and flora of the region then you will have lunch, after lunch you will get the chance to experience  chagga traditional dance.

A very pleasing and welcoming dance and songs from villagers will give you a notable experience with the Chaggas. These songs varies from  wedding, other  ceremonial and  special songs to emphasizing hard working especially in farming and how to  treat well the community members.  Visitors will directly participate in these activities and with the help of a well trained guide these songs will be translated for the visitors.

Late in the afternoon, we will take you back to your hotel.

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