Private Climb or Group Climb – Should I join a group to climb Kilimanjaro?

Tanzania Horizon Safaris is offering different options to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. You can choose your preferred route according to your fitness level and the time you want to spend on the mountain. We offer Private Climbs that can start any time and offer the possibility to join Group Climbs.

Private climbs are recommended if you have a specific date to climb Kilimanjaro and if you want to climb more individually. You can book a solo climb for 1 person to set your individual speed OR you can book a private climb with your friends and family to be more flexible about your arrival dates.

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As a solo traveller you might want to join a group to share the experience of climbing Kilimanjaro with others. It is a great option to reduce costs and increase your motivation while hiking together as a team. All our groups are limited to a maximum of 15 climbers. Our climbers/crew-ratio is 1/3 so a group of 6 climbers will have a crew of about 18-20 crew members, 2 guides for every 4 climbers.

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