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Peak Schedules

December– February
This is the hot dry season.  Early February is the peak of the calving season for the wildebeest on the Serengeti Plains.

Intermittent rains start at this time. Game viewing is excellent over short new grass of the plains. Wildebeest are gathering in large numbers to the South of Serengeti National Park in the Ndutu area. Spring-like conditions are moderated by cool nights.

April - May
This is the heavier rainy season, and road conditions can become difficult. There’s great biological activity in the reserves, beautiful green landscapes and panoramas, and wildebeest densely congregating in the Serengeti.

June - October
This is the cooler dry season. Peak tourist season is July-August. Excellent viewing conditions, though many roads are dusty. Wildebeest are normally encountered in the Western and Northern Serengeti in large numbers in June and then again in mid-late October. This is an excellent time of year for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Here begin the short rains. There’s nice greening of plants, and birds begin arriving from Eurasia. Expect intermittent showers and some flash flooding. Wildebeest are migrating back into the Serengeti at this time.

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