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Say NO to poaching!

Poaching has continued to be the major challenge facing national parks. In particular, the recent poaching wave involving killing elephants in almost all national parks. We as a tour operator encourage all our clients to say a clear NO to poaching in any form.

We see it as our duty and responsibility to raise awareness that the harm of illegal poaching is still present. Even though the overall situation has become better, poaching and illegal hunitng is still a big problem and a threat to all wildlife in Tanzania’s National Park. The beauty of our nature must be preserved, for us and for following generations. Therefore Tanzania Horizon Safaris is constantly raising awareness and reminds all our clients and visitors that poaching and buying products made from illegal poaching activities can not be accepted under any circumstances.

All Park Rangers and guides are doing their best to protect the animals within the parks, but still illegal hunters are trying to kill elephants and other animals for Ivory and other products made overseas. Please be aware that buying those products is contributing to illegal hunting, poaching and killing of harmless animals. Help us to stop this killing!

a slaughtered elephant killed by illegal ivory hunters

We can all contribute to preserve the treasure of our wildlife by saying NO to poaching!

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