Zanzibar Stonetown Walking Tour

A Gentle Walk To The History, Culture And Lifestyle Of Stone Town.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the fabled Spice Island Old Town on foot
  • Awaken your full sensory experience from the warmth of the people you meet
  • See the melting-pot mentality from the graceful Arabic architecture to tasty dishes and the Swahili vibe
  • Visit a local market place for a genuine feel of the Swahili lifestyle and see lots of spices and other ingredients
  • Do shopping with the help from your guide 

There are plenty of attractions to see around Stone Town, wandering about aimlessly here is a pleasure in itself, but there are also specific places to aim for, the two cathedrals linked to the slave trade’s abolition, and along the waterfront – two majestic places (now museums) and a brooding Omani fortress.

Stone Town’s showpiece of its grandiose waterfront, a series of monumental buildings between the port and Shangani in the southwest. In Stone Town, it is best to take a guide to show you the historical buildings, small pathways in the souk-like labyrinth streets of central Stone Town – it’s a bewildering warren of narrow alleyways and dead-ends, decaying mansions and colourful shops, an architectural trove, hugely photogenic, and very much lived in, which just adds to its charm and the enticing Darajani Market is a treasure trove of delightful spices, flavored aromatic teas, cashews “korosho” and other specials. 

Take a break in some of the Zanzibar coffee houses throughout Stone Town. Explore these hidden gems and watch the world go on by as you sip on a variety of deliciously spice-infused African coffee. The City Tour is very flexible and can be adapted to suit your interests and time frame, if you’re a shopaholic, culture vulture or history buff. If you want to hunt for antiques and souvenir shop, follow David Livingstone’s time in Zanzibar and walk the path of the slave trade, your guide can recommend and develop routes and itineraries that will optimize your time and get the most out of your walk in Stone Town.

While the tour is only half a day, we recommend you stay in Stone Town for at least 2 days to indulge and explore more wonderful places.

The safari and tour prices include

  • Guided Stone Town walking tour
  • Entrance fees to Old Slave
  • Market and Palace Museum
  • Mineral bottled water

The safari and tour prices exclude

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Money if you want to do shopping