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Karibu! Welcome to Tanzania. A beautiful land in the heart of the Savannah.

Volunteer in Tanzania with Projects Abroad and support local communities in need. This is a great opportunity to experience life in East Africa while immersing in local culture and traditions.

Ever got a feeling that you have a higher calling? You know that you have a special purpose on this planet earth? In fact if you had a chance, you would surely try to save the world or some part of it. Volunteering in Tanzania is one way to make a difference in the world around us, volunteering abroad in Tanzania is not for everyone its for volunteers who really feel they can make a change in peoples lives and the surrounding environment even if you are volunteering with children, it demands a very real committed heart.

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Travelling Doctors by Claudio Verbano

Volunteer Work Projects And Locations

You have the opportunity to work at orphanages, schools, vocational training centers, women's groups, centers for children with disabilities, hospitals, community development projects and environmental conservation projects. There is a minimum 1 month stay which is to ensure all volunteers are truly valuable to the project they work in. Internships are also available, Our projects are based in Arusha and Moshi,

  • Work in an Orphanage (Arusha, Moshi )

  • Teaching English (Arusha, Moshi )

  • Teaching Computer (Arusha, Moshi )

  • Healthcare Projects (Arusha, Moshi)

  • Work in HIV/AIDS project (Moshi/Boma)

  • Maasai Women/Orphanage project (Arusha)

  • Support the Travelling Doctors Tanzania (Moshi)

Volunteering in Tanzania will open your eyes to a variety of cultures in this region. You’ll have plenty of free time to explore! You go for safari, climbing Kilimanjaro, travelling to Zanzibar or doing one of many day trips in the Moshi or Arusha region.

For more information, contact us on tanzania.horizon@gmail.com


We are proudly cooperating with Native Africa Tanzania and the Travelling Doctors Tanzania. For further information please visit their website: www.nativeafrica-tanzania.org

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