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Best time of the year to visit Zanzibar

Know the best time of the year to visit Zanzibar where weather pattern is divided up into dry and wet seasons. Its main rainy season lasts from March to May, with tropical downpours virtually every day, high humidity and temperatures in the mid 30s. There is another, shorter, rainy season in November and December, however these rains tend to be lighter and less predictable.

The best time to visit the island is between June and October as the rains will have dried up and the temperature will be hot but not unbearable. This is also the best time to go scuba diving as visibility will be at its peak. Visiting at the beginning of the dry season is usually a good option as the island will still be lush and hydrated from the wet season. Visiting in January and February is also recommended as this is usually a dry period between the two rainy seasons.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Zanzibar Sunshine Hours
Best Time of the Year to Visit Zanzibar Rainfall
  • Best Time to Visit Zanzibar: June – October

  • High Tourist Season: June – October

  • Low Season: March – May

  • All Seasons: June – October (spring), November – February (summer), March – May (monsoon)

  • Another good time to travel to Zanzibar is between December – February, when the November showers have ended, and the weather becomes warm and dry again.

  • The monsoon months in Zanzibar are between March – May, and it is not recommended to visit the islands during these months, as your tourist experiences will be limited.

  • There will be some showers during November as well, but not as heavy as during March – May.

  • July – August, and February – March are when to visit Zanzibar if you are interested in going for scuba diving, or other water sports.

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