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Climbing Kilimanjaro

Which Kilimanjaro Route should I climb?

7 Routes, 1 Goal – to make it to Uhuru Point 5.895m above sea level!

Each route has different characteristics and require a different amount of days. Choosing the best route is very individual and is an important step to your success. We recommend to communicate with us as your success is our success and we wish you to be safe at all times while on the mountain! We offer climbs between 5 and 9 Days for all kind of climbers.

Some considerations that you might think about before deciding your route are the following points:

In general one can say that the more time you spend on the mountain the better are the chances for your to summit. Please remember that climbing & hiking at such a high altitude might cause Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), especially if you are ascending too fast. It is a risk that can be prevented by choosing a route with more days on the mountain. Everybody must decide this according to personal preferences. Let us help you to make the right choice by reading the information given on our website and by contacting us.

Tanzania Horizon Safaris offers the following routes:

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