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Climbing Kilimanjaro

To climb Kilimanjaro you are entering Kilimanjaro National Park. It is required to have a professional team of guides and porters for every climber for safety reasons. You will not be allowed to enter Kilimanjaro National Park by yourself. On your first climbing day we will pick you up from your accomodation in Moshi where we will weigh your Daypack & Duffelbag again and you will meet the entire crew. We will start together driving to the gate according to your itinery. At the entrance gate of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park your climbing luggage is checked again and you will register to the park authorities. Porter loads are limited to 20 kg. Try to limit your Duffel Bag to 15kg as the bag weighs about 2kg itself.
You will soon find out the porters are the real heroes of Mount Kilimanjaro as they are climbing the mountain basically every week. Tanzania Horizon Safaris makes sure that our guides & porters have the right gear and equipment to handle the mountain and that their sleeping bags and tents are sufficiently warm. All our crew members have a long experience of climbing Kilimanjaro and they have been climbing Mount Kilimanjaro together for several times so each crew members knows exactly what to do and how to work together as a team. You will experience the team spirit from your first to last on the mountain.

For solo female hikers and female hiking groups, we offer female guided hikes to Kilimanjaro and all-female climbs. Read more here.

How do you care for your local staff?

Tanzania Horizon Safaris holds the following porter treatment standards:
  • Porters are paid a minimum of 10USD (22.000Tsh) per day, the wage amount exceeds the minimum salary of 20.000Tsh accepted by the porter unions in 2014.

  • Salaries will be paid directly after each climb – no waiting time

  • A transparent Tipping Procedure and clear Tipping Guidelines so that porters receive the full tip amount intended for them

  • Loads carried by the porter don’t exceed 20kg

  • extra luggage will require an extra porter that must paid additionally

  • Porters are provided with 3 meals per day

  • Porters have proper shelter conditions and sleeping equipment. We provide sleeping mattresses and sleeping bags

  • Porters are outfitted with proper gear. We constantly offer good gear to our teams

  • Sick or injured porters are properly cared for and if necessary send home for not taking unnecessary health risks

How do you care for your local staff?
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