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Climbing Kilimanjaro

When is the Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro?

It is possible to climb Kilimanjaro all year around so you can decide according to your schedule. There are some months that are more favorable for climbing though as the weather is dryer and therefore more convenient as hiking in rain and snow is more exhausting because of the cold. The best months are from December to March & then again from June to October. Of couse there are more visitors during these months so you should decide what is the best time according to your preferences. We prepared an overview where you can see all important aspects such as temperatures, rainfall, visitors and our recommendations.

Dry Season:
Dry season (between December & March) is the ideal time to climb Kilimanjaro as the days are relatively warm on the mountain during daytime and you will hardly face any rain and snow during your climb. The second Dry Season starts in June until October which is quite a long time – but therefore has a lot of visitors on basically all routes. One of the best months is March as rainfalls only start but there is a very good chance that the weather will remain dry for several days.

Rain Season:
Climbing during rain season is tough but beautiful at the same time. It is not highly recommended but if you are looking for a challenge and empty routes it is possible to climb, but chances to summit are lower as the weather can be very difficult and it is very exhausting to walk over the snow. You should Choose the best Route with more days as this makes it easier to acclimatize well and summit at the right time.

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