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Which Gear Do I have to carry in my Daypack & my Duffelbag?

To climb Kilimanjaro you should limit yourself to carry only the items from our Gear List. This list contains all important things that you will need for a successfull climb. Of couse you can add personal items but you should try not to exceed the total weight to carry.

Your Kilimanjaro Gear will be packed in 2 bags:

  1. Your Daypack (recommended: 10kg)

  2. Your Duffel Bag (Maximum: 15kg)

In your Daypack you will only carry items that you need to reach the next camp. You will have to carry the Daypack by yourself during the entire climb. A regular backpack, with a capacity of about 30 to 35 liters (equally 10kg) is the maximum that you should carry with you. As every day will be different, also the items in your Daypack will change according to the expected climate and weather conditions.
A Daypack contains:
Water bottles/Water bladder (3 to 4 liters), snacks, gloves, hat, sunglasses, lip balm, sun screen, rain jacket, walking poles. Our guides will tell you every morning what conditions you will face and how to pack your Daypack.
All gear can be rented on arrival in Moshi so that you don’t have to carry all items in your luggage!

In your Duffelbag you will have to place all items that you need, but not during daytime. That includes your sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, additonal clothes, extra pair of shoes and other items. The Duffel Bag will be carried by our porters for you from camp to camp. The maximum weight for a full Duffelbag is limited to 15kg and will be checked before climbing. You should use plastic bags (dry bags) to organize your items inside your Duffel Bag. You have to pack your Daypack and Duffelbag every morning before starting to climb. Please note that porters are usually carrying Duffelbags on the top of their heads so please make their life easier by arranging your items well!

You might want to continue reading information about your Gear List for Kilimanjaro.

All necessary Gear can be rented before climbing!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

Climbing Gear List
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