We have prepared a detailed list for climbing Mt. Meru

First of all: What sets Mt. Meru apart from Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Here are the most important differences:

– Mt. Meru is located inside Arusha National Park, so spotting animals is very likely
– Mt. Meru is a very steep hike and therefore not to underestimate
– Mt. Meru receives quite a lot of rain and can therefore be very challenging
– Mt. Meru offers well-established huts (so you will not sleep in tents)
– Mt. Meru offers fewer routes & receives less crowds than Kilimanjaro

As there is a great deal of rain on the mountain, please bring a waterproof jacket and pants to carry in your day pack. A good pair of waterproof hiking shoes is also necessary for each day of hiking and most importantly, the final summit day. Although our head guides carry first aid kits, we recommend that each person has their own personal medical kit.

Because of weight restrictions on porters’ bags, we ask each climber to keep their individual bag under 15 kilograms (33 pounds). Please pack your gear in a duffel bag or large backpack. We recommend packing your sleeping bag and clothing inside dry bags in case of heavy rains.

In addition to your duffel bag, please pack a small day pack (30 to 36 liters, 10 kg maximum) to carry during the hike each day. We recommend carrying the following items in your day pack: rain gear, 4 liters of water, snacks, fleece jacket).

You will not have access to the luggage carried by the porter until you reach the hut each evening.

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