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Plan a daytrip in Tanzania with us

Daytrips are an ideal addition to your stay in Tanzania and to discover the beauty of the country in a short period of time. Especially after climbing Kilimanjaro or after a long safari you can select from a variety of activities to round up your Tanzania experience with a short adventure. Please contact us for further information and see the individual daytrip activities below:

All Daytrips & Activities in Tanzania

Discover the beauty of the Usambara Mountains as a day hike from Lushoto with Tanzania Horizon Safaris!
Visit Arusha National Park as a daytrip starting from Arusha town or Moshi town and discover the beauty of a safari surrounded by Mt. Meru & Mt. Kilimanjaro
Discover the fascinating landscapes of Tanzania from the sky with a balloon safari with Tanzania Horizon Safaris!
Visit Mafia Island and dive with Whale Sharks – the largest sharks in the world at this tropical paradise with Tanzania Horizon Safaris!
Visit Gombe National Park as a daytrip starting from Kigoma at Lake Tanganyika and meet its famous chimpanzee population.
Visit Mt. Ol Doinyo Lengai as a day trip starting from Lake Natron or from Ngorongoro Crater to see the holy mountain of the Maasai
Jozani Forest National Park – Visit the only national park in Zanzibar to see the Red Colobus Monkey and beautiful mangroves as a daytrip
Visit Chemka Oasis, also known as Kikuletwa Hot Springs as a daytrip from Moshi, Kilimanjaro and swim in the crystal clear warm water stream
At the border between Kenya and Tanzania lies Lake Chala. It can be visited as a daytrip from Moshi, Kilimanjaro to enjoy a boat trip that offers beautiful views of Kilimanjaro
Visit Lake Natron as day trip starting from Arusha, Lake Manyara, Tarangire National Park or Ngorongoro Crater to see the cradle of Maasai culture
The waterfalls are located right next to the starting point of the Marangu Route and can be reached from Moshi, Kilimanjaro as a daytrip.
This very impressive waterfall is one of the tallest around Mount Kilimanjaro. Enjoy spectacular views and swim in the refreshing water as a daytrip from Moshi, Kilimanjaro
Mikumi National Park is the fourth-largest national park in Tanzania and can be visited as a day trip from Daressalaam or Zanzibar by plane
Visit Olduvai Gorge – the cradle of mankind right next to Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti – as an addition to your safari in Tanzania!
Visit Selous Game Reserve from Zanzibar by plane as a daytrip to fully enjoy your time in Tanzania and round up your trip with an authentic safari experience
Discover the flavor of one of the best coffees in the world and learn all about its history in Moshi, the coffee capital of Tanzania.
Visit a Maasai Village in Tanzania to learn more about their culture and traditions of this nomadic tribe with Tanzania Horizon Safaris!
Rombo village can be visited as a daytrip starting from Moshi, Kilimanjaro, to learn more about the culture of the local Chagga tribe

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