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Hiking at the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania

Hike along the Usambara Mountain ridge
Hike along the Usambara Mountain ridge

Visit the Usambara Mountains with the best tour operator in Tansania! Tanzania Horizon Safaris offers various options for hiking – ranging from day hikes up to 6 days at this beautiful and still mostly undiscovered paradise.

Lake Magoroto at East Usambara Mountains
Lake Magoroto at East Usambara Mountains

The Usambara Mountains are a combination of 2000m tall ridges and forests located in the north east of Tanzania about 6 hours from Daressalaam on the way to Kilimanjaro. The area is divided in two main parts: The Usambara Mountains and East-Usambara. Both areas are shaped very differently. While the Usambara Mountains mostly consist of hills and steep ridges, East-Usambara offers lakes, lots of waterfalls and tropical rainforests. The area is a true paradise for hikers who want to enjoy the serene surroundings and the tranquil hiking paths away from the crowds that visit Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Usambara Mountains are part of the Northern Safari Circuit in Tanzania. It is also right next to Mkomazi National Park which makes it an ideal area for a combination of hiking, leisure and safari.

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Tanzania Horizon Safaris – You can visit the Usambara Mountains for hiking as a daytrip, 2 days hiking, 3 days hiking, 4 days hiking or 6 days hiking. After your hike, you can go on safari at the nearby Mkomazi National Park.

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