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See all routes to arrive Uhuru Peak (5.895m) at Mount Kilimanjaro

Lemosho Route

Private / Group Climbing

Machame Route

Private / Group Climbing

Rongai Route

Private / Group Climbing

Northern Circuit

Private / Group Climbing

Umbwe Route

Private / Group Climbing

Marangu Route

Private / Group Climbing

Western Breach

Private / Group Climbing

Mount Meru

Private / Group Climbing
Select a tailor made private climb according to your individual travel plans. You can decide your favorite route and simply tell us your travel dates and specific requirements – we will be happy to assist you to make your dreams come true!
You may join one of our scheduled Kilimanjaro climbing adventures with fixed dates and prices. People from all over the world sign up for our expeditions. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in a group means sharing costs and can be a great motivation and a good possibility to make new friends. Please see below dates or write us an email to open a new group!

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Here is everything you need to know about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

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