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Daytrips in Tanzania

What are the vehicles used for Daytrips?

Tanzania Horizon Safaris uses 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser Jeeps that are specified for all Safari terrains and a pop-up roof to spot animals easily and offering a panoramic view by standing up. All Jeeps are modified for long distance drives with very comfortable seats, air-conditioning and a fridge for cold drinks. Every Jeep has 8 seats (including your driver’s seat) and enough room for your luggage & personal belongings. On a private trip the Jeep is exclusively for you so you will have enough space. All our Jeeps are getting cleaned after every Safari and are regularly checked by our mechanics to be in good condition for your daytrip.

For our Daytrip to Gombe Stream Nationalpark we are renting private boats for our clients that will take you to the entrance of the park. All boats are equipped with life jackets. Our guide will accompany you during the entire trip to make sure you will have an entertaining and safe trip. The trip from Kigoma to the entrance gate takes about two hours in which we will provide you with water and small snacks. Our guides will tell you all about beautiful Lake Tanganyika and the history of Gombe Stream Nationalpark from its native people, famous explorers like Dr. Livingstone and the extraordinary work of Dr. Jane Godall until today.

What are the vehicles used for Daytrips?
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