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Daytrips in Tanzania

How does a Daytrip schedule look like?

All Tanzania Horizon Safaris start early in the morning (usually around 8AM or as written in your itinery PDF that we will send you) when we pick you up at your accomodation. Our guide will help you with your luggage or daypack and start driving to your booked destination. We encourage you to ask questions to fully enjoy and understand about the environment that you visit. Your guide will assist you to know as much as possible about Tanzania. During your daytrip we will provide you with cold water and small snacks. Depending on your booked daytrip our packages include different items. Our Coffee Experience includes a coffee tasting at the Tanzania Coffee Board in Moshi Town but can also contain a visit of a local coffee farm – please contact us to provide a tailor made tour for your timetable!

Daytrip schedule in Tanzania

Usually all our daytrips are full daytrips – that means that you will start in the morning and spend the whole day with us. Please communicate with us if you have any specific requirements for your meals and your timetable. We will provide lunchboxes at around 1 PM and according to your activity can also provide dinner. Usually all daytrips finish around 6PM and we will drop you off at your accomodation. A drop off at the airport can be arranged but must be communicated with us in advance.

Please note that returning time for daytrips to Lake Jipe, Mikumi National Park and Gombe Stream Nationalpark can be later than 6PM as it depends on the time when you finish your safari and weather conditions. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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