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Climbing Kilimanjaro

How are the trail conditions to climb Kilimanjaro?

The trails on Mount Kilimanjaro are well marked and maintained by Kilimanjaro National Park Authorities. Special technical skills are not required on our Kilimanjaro Routes but a minimum fitness level will definitely help to enjoy your climb. Please read our article about How do I prepare for climbing Kilimanjaro?” There are only a couple of spots where climbing on hands and feet is required. The last part to and from Uhuru Peak is on loose rubble, which is slippery and very exhausting also for descending.

At some parts of the trail, depending on the route that you chose, a bit of climbing is actually required. Not all routes have the same level of difficulty so we advice you to communicate with us before your arrival. Please also read our articles about What is the best Route to climb Kilimanjaro?” and also to check your fitness level before the climb. For your safety we will always climb together and remain together as a group. Please listen to our experienced guides at all times and don’t walk away from the group. Over the days you will become a team with your fellow climbers and the whole crew of guides and porters.

Bad weather conditions can complicate your climb. You must be prepared to trek through all types of weather from sunshine to fog, rain, snow, and all types of soil, whether loose, dusty, muddy, wet, snowy or icy. Beside preparing your gear and body, that also means to prepare yourself mentally to an exhausting time. But the better you prepare yourself, the more you will enjoy your climb!

There are public toilets at every campsite usually without running water and rather dirty. Please always remember that you are climbing one of the highest mountain on earth, it is not a walk in the park. Tanzania Horizon Safaris provides private toilets per group on request. Please contact us before your climb, changes can be made anytime before you start climbing. Private toilets consist of a plastic toilet and a privacy tent. There are no shower facilities on the mountain, but a bowl of hot water will be provided everyday before and after your climb at your tent.

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