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Jozani Forest National Park

Visit Jozani Forest National Park – the only national park in Zanzibar – to see the red colobus monkeys and the mangrove forest as a walking safari

Jozani Forest National Park vacation with Tanzania Horizon Safaris.

Jozani Forest National Park with Tanzania Horizon Safaris.

In the south of the island, Jozani Forest is a wonder and delight, with tales of Zanzibar leopards, medicinal cures and stunning scenery. The forest is home to a number of endemic species, including the Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey. Your guide will take you on a nature trail, lined with eucalyptus and mahogany trees and explain the medicinal properties of various plants and tell you about the animals, birds and reptiles that make their home in the various habitats of this tropical rainforest.

Troops of Zanzibar Red Colobus monkeys can be found scrambling from branch to branch, in search of food. The monkeys have become acclimatized to people and allow you to get close to them to take photographs as they eat, play and jumping from the treetops. The mangrove boardwalk takes you above the swamp, where, depending on the tide, you can see tropical fish flitting between the mangrove roots and crabs scuttling across the mud. Mangroves play an important role in environmental conservation and as a resource for villagers and community life.

Mangrove birdlife is rich but characteristically elusive: lucky twitchers might spot purple-banded or olive sunbirds, kingfishers or blue-cheeked bee-eaters. The best time to visit is early morning when there are fewer people, wildlife is more active and the light, filtered through the lush vegetation, is deliciously soothing. It quietens down again in the evening, when conditions are superb for photography.

The thick, tangled jungle of Jozani offers habitation to the blue or Sykes’ monkeys, bush pigs, diminutive Ader’s duiker and suni antelopes, elephant shrews, chameleons and a fluttering multitude of birds and butterflies. Several nature trails lead to easy 1hour-long strolls to half-day hikes, allowing you to explore the forest at your own pace. Jozani Forest is a popular attraction to visit on the way to the beaches further south and east coast. The nearby MOTO Handicraft Museum and Workshop is also worth a visit to watch high quality handicrafts being made.

Duration: Half day from/to Stone Town or your beach accommodation


  • Spot the rare Red Colobus monkeys

  • Walk on a nature trail, lined with eucalyptus and mahogany trees

  • See & learn about the wildlife and birdlife that make their home here

  • Walk across a boardwalk in mangrove forest & learn its significance

  • Spectacular birdwatching opportunities for varied bird species

Getting There and Back

We arrange road transfers from Stone Town to Jozani Forest and back to your hotel in Stone Town. Road transfers from other parts of Zanzibar can be arranged appropriately.

What to bring with you:

  • Comfortable walking shoes

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  • Pick up & transfer from Stone Town

  • Entrance fee to the Jozani Forest

  • Park ranger guide

  • Water

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Absolutely yes. Our handpicked hotels all offer you to safely store your luggage during your climb. In this way you can leave all gear that you won’t need during your climb at the hotel. That is very convenient if you are planning to go on a safari or to Zanzibar after your hike.

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